We have always imagined to own a car that can also fly away from traffic jams or make us reach destinations at a faster pace.  Now we finally have a car that can transform itself into an airplane in just 3 minutes. The car flew 1,500 feet over Slovakia as a test flight.

Named the Air Car, it is the new generation of the flying car developed by Slovakian automaker Klein Vision.

In the viral video of the test flight, we can see the vehicle transforming into an aeroplane on the runway and take off for the test flight. The car is claimed to be suitable for self-driven journeys and commercial taxi services.

The two-seater car model weighs around 1100 kg and is capable of carrying an additional load of 200 kg per flight.

The flying car is powered by a BMW 1.6l engine that churns out 140HP of power. The estimated flight range of AirCar is 1,000km and flight consumption is pegged at 18 l/h.

Check out the video here.