A car presented to Princess Diana as an engagement gift by Prince Charles was sold for more than $72,000. The projected sale price of the 1981 Ford Escort Ghia was $30,000 greater than expected.

The auctioneer estimated that the car will get between £30,000 and £40,000 ($41,500 to $55,400). However, the selling price went upto £52,640 ($72,800) in total, including fees.

According to Reeman Dansie auctioneers, Prince Charles gave the car to Princess Diana two months before their wedding. The princess drove this car till August 1982.

The car sold on Tuesday with the same registration number, colour, and radio as when it was purchased. The car's speedometer displays around 83,000 miles.

During the early and happy years of her relationship with the Prince of Wales, Princess Diana's mode of transportation was a Ford. According to the Reeman Dansie statement, there are numerous images of her driving and even sitting inside the car while watching the Prince play polo.

According to the auctioneers, the mystery seller was a huge Diana fan who kept the car's royal ties hidden even from her friends.

A silver frog, a present from Diana's sister, Sarah Spencer, is mounted on the bonnet of the Ford saloon.

According to Reeman Dansie, the present meant to remind Diana of the fairy tale about a lovely girl whose kiss transforms a frog into a prince.

Diana's Audi convertible was sold for £58,000 ($80,300) last year, so this isn't the first time her car sold for a high price.