Recharge this e-bike without any power connection

Jan 18, 2022 1 min read
Recharge this e-bike without any power connection

A 58-year-old man from Puducherry has developed an e-bike that does not need a charge due to the addition of another battery, converting it into a continually recharging electric bike.

It removes the need for the bike to charge through the electrical grid and provides an uninterrupted journey, according to creator Vijayan Premanand. He has got the patent from the Union commerce and trade ministry's controller general of patents, designs, and emblems, division of commercial coverage, and promotion.

"This is the first step toward a vehicle that is not dependent on the electrical grid. The advantage of using an e-bike is that we avoid plug factors and charging stations, and the bike is self-sufficient due to its operation. Premanand said that the technology "saves electricity."

He found that there are still villages around the country that are without electricity. "Our country is not energy self-sufficient. Using our electrical grid to price e-vehicles will result in more energy scarcity. Additionally, we should avoid wasting time at a charging station. This technology represents the future of electric vehicles," he said.

He described the technology by saying he mounted a generator inside the wheel's hub and connected it to an electrical storage machine. An electrical generator is used to transform the mechanical vitality of wheel rotation into electrical vitality.

Additionally, he improved the design by charging the batteries differently. "Batteries charge in a variety of ways to reduce energy loss. As a solution to this problem, I came up with the idea of alternatively charging the batteries," he stated.

The inventor has written to all major car manufacturers producing electric cars about his invention and is awaiting a response.

"We used lithium batteries," Premanand said. "The efficiency rose significantly if we used fast-charging batteries." Premanand travels across the city on an e-bike he built.

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