Bought a used car? Replace these car parts on your own to make it run like new

Apr 29, 2021 3 min read
Bought a used car? Replace these car parts on your own to make it run like new

Here are some easy ways to look after your car without the help of a mechanic, to ensure it stays on the road for as long as possible.

Maintenance of the used car might be challenging at first, however you can start small and work up the car repair ladder. The right maintenance can also help you increase used car valuation. You should take your car to a garage if something seems to be off, but it helps tremendously if you know something about car maintenance yourself. There are certain items on a vehicle that can easily be replaced without taking the car to a service center. Here are some car parts you can just replace yourself without damaging your car:

Air Filter

The air filter is an inexpensive part to change and plays an important role in engine as it prevents dust and dirt getting into it. We need a new air filter for car after every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. It can easily be replaced. Lift up the hood. It's inside the black rectangular box. Open up the casing, and take out the dirty air filter. Change it with a new one.

Oil filter

It is a great practice to change the oil filter at the same time you change your oil. The job of the oil filter is to make sure that contaminants don't accumulate in the engine oil, which can cause internal damage to the engine surfaces. First, never change your oil when engine is hot. By the oil filter, unwanted particles are removed from the oil tank before circulating and lubricating the engine. Change the oil filter regularly as changing your oil ensures the engine will work optimally.

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Plug and Play Headlights

The cost of new bulbs is very costly but you can avoid taking your car into the garage. Bulbs often stop working over time and it is legally required that the correct lights are visible on a car. We advice you that before removing your existing headlight, first, disconnect the wire then unscrew the nuts holding the headlights and take of the existing headlights. On some cars, you might need to remove additional parts (and in some cases, the entire bumper) in order to have an unimpeded view of the headlight or taillight housings. Then connect the new ones and then place it in the holder and tighten the screws.

Windshield- Wiper Blades

After sometime, windshield-wiper blades can start to leave smear marks on the window, as the rubber strips that push rainwater away can degrade. You may tend to go little longer before asking your mechanic to change them. First, unclip the old windshield and remove the old blades. Attach the new blades, careful not to bend the wiper arms or scratch. Line everything up and make sure the new ones are safe and tight.


Most car batteries last for two to five years, depending upon the condition. It is advised to change your car battery after every three years. The key to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently is a good battery connection. By following this process, you can change it yourself. First, remove your battery terminals and rinse the cleaning fluid with a little water. And then replace battery terminals.

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Spark Plugs

Changing the spark plugs is the simplest process as long as you have the right tools while it may sounds like intense work. You'll have four, six or eight plugs, depending on how many cylinders your car has. Remove the wire to the first spark plug only by using socket and extension on your ratchet. Do not remove all at once. Install the new one by screwing it in by hand at first and then tighten with a wrench for a snug fit. Do not over-tighten it. Re-attach the spark plug wire.

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These are some important parts of a car which you can replace easily.

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