Here Are Some Useful Tips For Riding A Two-Wheeler In Rains

Feb 19, 2020 2 min read
Here Are Some Useful Tips For Riding A Two-Wheeler In Rains

The rainy season has been romanticised is one of the most loved weathers to ride a bike. Pleasant weather, lesser pollution and the adrenaline rush of riding through pouring rain drops can’t be described in words. However, riding in rains also brings its own set of risks.

Chances accident increase manifolds for two-wheeler riders during rains. Hence, no matter how wide or empty the roads are, it is essential to stay in limits and follow safety rules while riding a bike during rains.

Here are a few essential tips you must remember while riding in rains.

1. Check your Tyres

You need to have proper traction while riding on wet and slippery roads to stay stable and safe. Check your tyres for wear and tear. Make sure that your tyres have proper tread depth to give required traction to the bike. Insert a coin in the gap of tread to find out the depth and replace your tyre if required.

It is also advisable to keep lower tyre pressure during the rainy season to ensure the larger surface area of tyres is coming in contact with the road. This helps in achieving better stability. For instance, if you normally keep 30 psi in the rear tear then keep 25 psi during rainy season.

2. Stay Cautious While Applying Brakes

Brakes tend to lose their efficiency during wet conditions. Your bike can skid terribly due to brake malfunction. Check out for wear out brake pads as they can get stuck to the disc during wet conditions. Make sure your disc is cleaned thoroughly to help brake pads have proper grip during abrupt braking situations.

3. Do Not Ride On The White Stripe Of The Road

Roads all over the country are painted with white stripes for lane division. Intentionally or unintentionally, we often tend to keep riding on these white stripes for no reason. Stop this practice now as it could become the reason for your accident. These stripes are made using plastic paint which is slippery and becomes more slippery during rains. In case of abrupt braking, you might skid on this line due to the lack of friction.

In case, you are accidentally riding on this white line then apply brakes gradually to maintain your balance.

4. Lubricate All Moving Parts

During rainy, added moisture causes a lot of wear and tear to your bike. To prevent any part from catching rust while breaking down in the middle of the road, it is important to keep them properly lubricated.

Apply grease properly on clutch wire, brake wires, wheel bearings and shock absorbers among others.

5. Keep The Chain Clean

Chains attract a lot of water and dirt during the rainy season and it also transports that dirt directly to the engine cabin. It also catches rust easily due to extra moisture in the environment. Hence, it is crucial to keep the chain of the bike clean and well lubricated. We would recommend to clean it after every 400 km during the rainy season and apply a good quality chain spray to keep it in good shape.

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