Round and round they go, for thousand of kilometers; without complaints, without troubles. And what do we do for them?? Yes, the tyres of our vehicles are very reliable, but they need care too. Each tyre costs you a lot of money, and prevention is better than cure. Minimal efforts and care can extend your tyre’s life.
Here are some useful tips for you, to help you attend to your tyres in a better way:

Check the pressure regularly
Make it a habit to check tyre pressure once in every 2-4 weeks. Proper tyre inflation makes driving a lot safer and makes your tyres last longer.

Rotate the positions of your tyres
It is advisable to rotate your tyres after every 5000 to 8000 kms, or after every six months. Rotation helps in maintaining even tread wear and contributes in prolonging the life of all your tyres.

Avoid mix and match
Make sure that all the tyres of your vehicle are the same. Mismatching of tyres can impact the handling of your car negatively and causes unusual wear and tear on the rest of your tyres.

Replace them before they die
Do not wait until the tyre finally gives up fully. The tread wear and visible damages should be enough to tell you when to replace the tyre with a new one. If you keep driving it, the health of the other tyres will suffer.

Focus while driving
If you feel some vibrations in the steering while driving, or some imbalance in the car, it might be misalignment of one of the tyres, or low tyre pressure, or even a puncture. Do not take it casually, and get it checked for possible damage.

Check the tread depth
The health of your tyre largely depends upon the amount of the tread in the tyre. The tread depth should not be less than 1.6 mm. If it is lower, get the tyre replaced. This is important for high speed driving and braking.

A small action can go a long way. And tyres are expensive, but important. It is smart to take all possible steps to give a long life to your tyres.