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Car insurance, also known as auto insurance, is a policy that gives you financial protection when your vehicle is damaged by accidents, natural disasters, or theft. A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy ensures your financial security by covering losses to your vehicle.

Features of Car insurance

Car Insurance presents a suite of features to cater to your insurance needs:

Car Bike Insurance

Convenient Online Purchase

Easily purchase car insurance online through our user-friendly platform, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free process.

Car Bike Insurance

Competitive Insurance Prices

Benefit from competitive and transparent car insurance prices, offering affordability without hidden fees.

Car Bike Insurance

Online Car & Bike Insurance Renewal

Effortlessly renew your car insurance online to ensure continuous coverage, with timely reminders to prevent lapses.

Car Bike Insurance

Third-Party Liability Coverage

Fulfill legal obligations with our third-party car insurance coverage, safeguarding you against financial liabilities from third-party claims

Car Bike Insurance

Customizable Coverage Options

Tailor your insurance coverage to meet your specific needs, with the option to choose from various add-ons for enhanced protection.

Car Bike Insurance

Digital Documentation

Receive policy documents digitally, reducing paperwork and providing convenient access to your insurance information.

Car Bike Insurance

Multi-Vehicle Discounts

Enjoy discounts when insuring multiple vehicles with CarInfo, and take advantage of special offers on bundled insurance packages.

Car Bike Insurance

Comprehensive Coverage

Secure your vehicle with comprehensive coverage, protecting against accidents, theft, and natural disasters for peace of mind.

CarInfo's Car Insurance aims to provide a seamless and reliable insurance experience, whether you are a first-time buyer or renewing an existing policy. Our commitment lies in delivering optimal coverage, transparent pricing, and customer satisfaction.

Car Insurance

Types of Car Insurance

Third-Party Car Insurance

This insurance type covers the damages and injuries you cause to other people, their vehicles, and property in an accident. It fulfills legal requirements but does not cover your own vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive insurance provides extensive coverage. It includes protection for your own vehicle against accidents, theft, natural disasters, vandalism, and more. It often includes coverage for third-party liabilities as well.

Standalone Car Insurance

Standalone car insurance refers to purchasing specific coverage types individually rather than bundling them. For example, you might choose to buy standalone comprehensive coverage without combining it with other types of insurance.

Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

Zero depreciation, also known as "bumper-to-bumper" or "nil depreciation," eliminates the depreciation factor from the claim amount during repairs. This means you receive the full cost of replacing damaged car parts without considering depreciation

Factors that affect insurance premium

Car Insurance

Driving History

A clean driving record with no accidents or traffic violations often results in lower insurance premiums. On the contrary, a history of accidents and violations may increase costs.

Car Insurance

Vehicle Type and Age

The make, model, and age of your car or bike impact insurance rates. Newer or high-performance vehicles generally have higher premiums, while older or less powerful ones may cost less to insure.

Car Insurance


The area where you live and park your vehicle influences insurance rates. Urban areas or regions with higher crime rates may have higher premiums.

Car Insurance

Coverage Type and Deductibles

The type of coverage you choose (e.g., comprehensive, collision) and the deductible amount significantly affect your insurance premiums. Higher deductibles often result in lower premiums.

Car Insurance

Usage Patterns

How you use your vehicle, such as daily commuting or occasional use for pleasure, can impact insurance costs. Vehicles used for business purposes may also have higher premiums.

Car Insurance

Credit Score

In some regions, insurance companies consider your credit score when determining premiums. A higher credit score may lead to lower insurance costs.

How to Renew Bike Insurance in New India Assurance?

With New India Assurance General Insurance, renew bike insurance is a simple online process that only takes three steps:


Go to Renew or Buy Insurance

Vehicle Number

Enter Vehicle Number and valid Phone Number


Choose the Policy and Add-ons

Pay Online

Choose the Payment Methodand Pay Online

Car Insurance

Why you should renew expired car insurance immediately

Not renewing your car insurance on time can lead to significant consequences

Loss of No Claim Bonus (NCB)

If you don't renew your car insurance within 90 days of the expiry date, you lose the No Claim Bonus accumulated over the years. This bonus helps in reducing your insurance premium.

Risk of Fines

Driving without insurance can result in fines of up to Rs. 4,000 and/or imprisonment. It's a legal requirement to have active car insurance, and not adhering to this can have financial consequences.

Financial Risks

Without renewed insurance, you're left unprotected. In case of an accident, especially involving a third party, you may have to bear the financial burden from your own pocket. This can lead to unexpected and unwanted expenses.

Avoiding Penalties

If you let your insurance expire, you may be subject to penalties or fines. These penalties can vary depending on local regulations, and renewing on time helps you avoid such consequences.


What is car insurance and why is it essential?
Car insurance provides financial protection against accidents and damages to your vehicle.
How can I renew my car insurance policy online?
You can renew your car insurance policy effortlessly via CarInfo. Just enter your vehicle number, choose car insurance policy and pay the amount.
Why should I opt for third-party car insurance?
Third-party car insurance covers damages to others' property or injuries caused by your vehicle
Can I renew car insurance from a website?
Yes, you can renew your car insurance directly from the CarInfo website. Just enter your vehicle number and mobile number, and choose the policy.
What documents do you need to buy car insurance?

You need to submit the following documents:

  1. Vehicle details
  2. Identification proof
  3. Previous policy detail
  4. Location of the vehicle
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