Check Challan Status In Gujarat

Check your vehicle challan online in one click to stay updated


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Check Challan Status


Check Challan Status In Gujarat

Check your vehicle challan online in one click to stay updated


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How To Check Challan Status Online?

Using CarInfo

To check e-challan status online, you can follow these general steps:


Go to CarInfo website, click on Challan Search


Enter the vehicle number


Click on submit button


You will get all the challan with the status related to your vehicle number and pay directly from there (if applicable)

Using Govt Portal


Visit the Parivahan Official Website


Navigate to the E-Challan Section


Enter your challan number/vehicle number/DL number and enter


Click on get detail button


Click on the Gujarat e-challan to check the status


All challans will be shown there with the status

How Can I Pay Challan Online?

Online Method:

online challan check


Visit the Official Website of Parivahan


Navigate to E-Challan Section


Enter Challan Details such as e-challan number, vehicle number, or license plate number


Select Payment Method like credit/debit cards, net banking, or digital wallets and make the payment


Save Confirmation Receipt for your records

Offline Method:

e challan check by vehicle number


Visit the Traffic Police Office


Carry all the important documents such as challan receipt, ID proof, and DL


You can also post cash, cheque, demand draft, or pay order to the Gujarat Traffic Police station or headquarters with details of your challan ticket number

What are the Latest Traffic Violations and their Penalties in Delhi?

Offense NameMVA Section1st OffenseSubsequent Offense
Blowing Pressure Horn39/192₹5000₹10000
Driving in NMV Lanes115/194(1)₹20000₹20000
Not Giving Way to an Emergency Vehicle194E₹10000₹10000
Triple Riding on Two-Wheeler194C₹1000₹1000
Plying Old Diesel/Petrol Vehicles (more than 15/10 years)39/192/207Court ChallanCourt Challan
Driving on Footpath/Cycle Track39(3)MVDR/177ACourt ChallanCourt Challan
Offences Relating to Juvenile199ACourt ChallanCourt Challan
Violation of Stop Sign184Court ChallanCourt Challan
Without Permit66.1/192(A)₹10000₹10000
Disobeying Lawful Directions in Case of an Accident or Damaging Property132/179₹2000₹2000
Smoking in VehiclesDMVR 86.1(5)/177₹500₹1500
Obstructive Driving (Extra Passenger on Driver Seat)125/177₹500₹1500
Use of Coloured Lights on MotorDMVR 97(2)/177₹500₹1500
Excess SmokeDMVR 99(1)(a)/177₹500₹1500
Tinted GlassCMVR 100.2/177₹500₹1500
Without WiperCMVR 101/177₹500₹1500
Playing MusicDMVR 102/177₹500₹1500
Travelling on Running Board (Passengers)123(2)/177₹500₹1500
Using Horn in No Honking/Silence Zone194F₹1000₹2000
Without Log BookCMVR 85(10)/177₹500₹1500

What are the Basic Road Safety Rules for Avoiding Challan?

By following the basic road safety rules, you save yourself from accidents and also refrain from getting challaned. Here are some basic safety rules you should definitely avoid:


Wear a Helmet

It also means that one should always wear a helmet when riding a two-wheeler. Lastly, make sure your pillion rider is also wearing a helmet.


Use Seat Belts

Wear seat belts should be worn every time one is driving a car or is a passenger in a car. Be sure to make all the passengers buckle up their seat belts too.


Follow Traffic Signals

Respect all the signalized intersections you encounter. Abide by traffic signals and continue only when the traffic light is green.


Speed Limits

Always observe the speed limit indicated on the road traffic signs. Do not over-speed as this brings danger of an accident.


No Drunk Driving

It is discouraged to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. That hinders your ability to judge and also the ability to respond to various aspects.


Lane Discipline

Stay within your current lane and do not change lanes frequently. It is recommended to use the turn signal while changing lanes or at a turn.


No Mobile Phones

Do not use phones while driving a car. If you require a call, try to do it via the hands-free option.


Yield to Emergency Vehicles

Let out-of-duty vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks pass by getting over to the side of the road.


Follow Road Signs

Abide by traffic signals, including stop signs, yield signs and pedestrian signals.


Maintain Safe Distance

Maintain a safe following distance from the car ahead of you to create some space for a swift stop.


Use Indicators

In order to signal other vehicles on the road of your intentions to turn or change your lane it is important to always use indicators.


Avoid Distractions

Do not eat, comb your hair, or change the station while driving because they take your attention off the road.


Proper Documentation

Always make sure that you have your driving license, the documents of your vehicle and proof of insurance.


No Overloading

Do not carry too many people or items in your car, those that exceed the recommended weight of the car should not be boarded.


Respect Pedestrians

In addition to this, it is important to always give pedestrians a right of way especially when they are on the pedestrian crosswalks while at the same time ensuring that they are safe.

If you follow these road safety regulations, it is easy to avoid road accidents and in the process avoid paying for fines. Proper driving is advantageous to all drivers and their passengers.


How to check e-challan in Gujarat?
You can check your e-challan by visiting the CarInfo website or Parivahan website.
Where can I check challan status?
You can check the status of your challan on CarInfo app by entering your vehicle number
Can I pay my challan online?
Yes, you can pay your challan online on Parivahan website.
What happens if I don’t pay challan in Gujarat?
If you don’t pay challan, your Driving License may get suspended and arrest warrant may be issued.
How to waive off traffic challan in Gujarat?
To waive off a traffic challan in Gujarat, there are two places that must be visited: either the traffic police headquarters or the court relating to the challan issued. Explain your situation, and if reasonable, there is a possibility of them dropping the case
How to download the echallan receipt?
The eChallan receipt can be downloaded from the payment confirmation page or the transaction history of the payment made on the website as soon as the payment is made.
Can I get my echallan money back?
It is essential to understand that eChallan payments are usually not refundable. But if you think that there was an error, then you can contact the issuing authority for a possible refund.
What happens after the 3rd challan?
There may be enhanced penalties after the 3rd challan, and continued bad behavior earns a higher fine, suspension of the license, or other legal consequences.
How to pay echallan online in Gujarat?
Go to the official website of Gujarat Traffic Police, click on the eChallan tab and, insert your vehicle number or challan number and follow the online payment options.
How to Check Gujarat Traffic e-Challan Status?
You can visit the CarInfo website or the mParivahan portal and enter your vehicle or challan number to check the status of your eChallan.
Can I appeal against a Gujarat Traffic Police e challan?
Yes, you can follow the process of appealing against the Gujarat Traffic Police eChallan by going through the traffic police office or following the court proceedings.
Can I Claim Vehicle Insurance for Challan?
Well, no. As much as other insurance covers may offer payment for various charges, traffic challans are not covered by vehicle insurance. Penalties are imposed on the registered owners and/or drivers of the vehicles.
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